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12 February 1984
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Hello! My name is Grace, and it appears that you've found my corner of cyberspace, so welcome! I can never fill out these 'about you' sort of things very well, so just jump into my entries and you'll get a good idea of what sort of a strange little person I am. I joined
LJ mainly for the purpose of fandom-related things, specifically Pirates of the Caribbean and the loverly Captain Hector Barbossa. I publish at fanfiction.net under the moniker of ShinyGreenApple, in case you were wondering, and I also like to mess about with graphics on occasion.

If there's anything at all you would like to know, just ask me, and feel free to add me as a friend. I'm an open person like that, and not easily offended, I assure you ^_^

Also, yes, I have my AIM screen name posted, feel free to chat me up sometime! However, please, please identify yourself first. Don't just hop on and act like you know me, otherwise I'm likely to be defensive, because, let's face it, that's socially weird.

You'll notice in my entries that I often post various icons, banners, and digital art from my fandoms. Pretty much anything of that nature that you'll find here is there for the taking, just be sure and credit if you do, and mostly just don't say that it's your own work. There is one exception, however. I ask that you don't take any of my userpics that feature my personal pets or use my personal pictures to make things.


Credit for my beautiful Fellowship of the Ring layout goes to janine42584

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Barbossabeth is love

By me ^_^

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