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10 October 2011 @ 12:41 am

“But we’re going!” he said, unable to suppress the exhilaration in his voice. “This is it! We’re off to Hogwarts!”

Sorry again for not updating for so long, I miss you all! Would have done this sooner but I'm at the tail end of 8 straight days of working with no time off. Guess that's what I get for asking for the four days off last week, but it was so, so worth it. Why, you ask? Because for the first time, at least in my adult life, if not ever, I went on a short little vacation. Charles, his Mom, and sister go on one together every few months and they wanted me to start coming with them. Destination: Universal Orlando. I can't ever remember having SO much fun, and I can't wait to go back again; we had a really amazing time and I discovered that I really love roller coasters, having never been on one until now. 

^ With the conductor of the Hogwarts Express. He commented on my red hair and asked if I was from the Weasley family. I said yes. 

This next photo was part of an unexpected (although huge) treat for all of us. We happened to be walking past Mel's Diner during the very short window during which three animal celebrities were available for photos. This is, if I remember correctly, Horatio. He/She was in the Harry Potter films. If anyone can place which scene she is from, I'd be grateful! She's so gorgeous and I know I recognize her, I just can't remember from which scene!

                Frank the pug!

The term "fangasm" doesn't even begin to cover this. I still can't believe I was there. Full on babbling about the whole glorious four days and lots more pictures behind the cut. 

Wasting away in Margaritaville . . .Collapse )
So here's one last pic for the road (ok, I lied, I didn't put this one behind the cut. Pfffft). We're planning on going again in March. I'll go sooner if I can manage it. Coming back to work and adjusting back to reality was very unpleasant and jarring!

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13 September 2011 @ 10:15 pm
Yet again it's been a while, folks. Ah, where to begin? Life as I know it is pretty good, I guess you could say. One of the girls in the pharmacy finally got married, although she did find out she was pregnant a few weeks before. Had the bachelorette party anyways,  she just couldn't get wasted like she had planned on. And I have never had quite so much fun in my life (although I took it easy on the alky too, since I had to work the following morning). Her sister got a hotel room for the night where we hung out and had drinks and dirty conversations, also, there were fake dicks EVERYWHERE. We also went to the local gay club that night for the Saturday night drag show, which was, frankly, amazing. And somehow, bless him, one of the cashiers from up front ended up with us. He knew we were meeting at the club that night but no one was there yet, so he hopped a ride with me. 

"Um, guys . . . why is there a boy at my bachelorette party?" LMFAO! It's ok, he's flaming and fantastic and adorable. He fit right in, actually, and later on in the evening put on five inch heels. That belong to him. I'm finding lately that a large part of my circle of friends are gay/lesbian/bisexual. Pretty much my entire family and the way I was raised goes against it, but frankly I don't give a crap. They're some of the nicest, most accepting people I've ever known and I love them to bits, whether or not they prefer the same sex or the guys like to put on heels and dresses sometimes. I recently found out none other than Kenny's brother is gay/bi as well and I've always loved him, although I'll admit I was surprised. Wouldn't be surprised if baby brother came out of the closet, though. Hells, if I could find a straight guy I get along with as well as I do my gay friends, I'd be set, you know? Anywho, that night coming back from the club, I was driving down the main highway through the city, with four other people in the car, the windows down, singing Pink and Lady Gaga at the top of our voices. And this was happiness. And there is a picture floating somewhere around Facebook of me with a penis-shaped straw in my mouth. 

And now, for something completely (sort of) different. 

Co-workers: Can't stand working with them, but assault is still illegal. 

I feel a little guilty, just a little, because the person I'm about to rant about is the bride whose party I attended a few weeks ago. Can this even make sense? As a person, she's great, and fun, and we get along alright. To work with her? She's utterly useless and inconsiderate of absolutely everyone. A list would piece this together the best, I think. 

1. Always late. Even when she's scheduled to open, she's regularly 15 minutes late, at least. Enough techs complained about this to the manager when they noticed that I, along with Shorty, the other cashier showed up around 5 minutes to opening and, in their words "Actually wanna do some work!" Shorty and I have been getting most of the opening shifts in the past few months. Even when Bride is scheduled to come in at noon, she's still 15 minutes late. 

2. Excessive breaks. In a reasonable situation, no one is going to tell you "Fuck you you can't go pee!" but Bride has been told this and made to hold it until Shorty or I arrived. Because when she 'goes to the restroom', she's gone for 15 minutes. Several times a day. There is NO reason to be that long in the bathroom unless there is something seriously wrong with you. Then, 40 minutes after the potty, she'll take her break. As Voldemart employees, technically we're entitled to two 15 minute breaks in an 8 hour shift, but almost no one takes them because it's just so busy back there in Pharm. Bride ALWAYS makes sure she takes hers, but they usually last 30 minutes instead of 15. 

3. Always in the background. This girl will do anything and everything to avoid actually waiting on people at the register. When she does return to stock, log copies, putting up the order, it takes her three to four times as long as it would take me or Shorty, yet another reason we were requested to open instead of her. Shorty or I will have a line of six or more customers piled up and more people queuing up behind them all the time and won't come to help us  unless we call for her or a pharmacist tells her to. And I've watched her. She'll literally wait for one of us to go to the counter to help someone so the person's not stuck waiting forever, then take over some project in the back one of us was doing and leave us to the line. She's forever trying to do technician work (she is NOT a tech, just a cashier), answering the phones and farting around in the troubleshoot screen. 

4. She drives the techs crazy, she drives the pharmacists crazy, and Shorty and I are NOT in the least bit amused, either. Oh yeah, and she is forever calling in. Sometimes she doesn't even call in, she texts me the night before and asks if I can cover her shift! I'm just sick and damn tired of covering for her all the time and I don't care if she's sick or not. Week before last I ended up with almost 8 hours of overtime because she was in the ER one night thinking something was wrong with her pregnancy and was just too tired to work the next day. Like a moron I came in, but only because I do love everyone else back there and I hate for them to be stressed out because, let me tell you, when we are short just one person back there, everyone feels it. And we're already short a person, because one of the techs left in August for pharmacy school and the boss still hasn't hired a replacement! Today was the last straw. Bride left for lunch at exactly four PM. Around 5:30, Dixie came over and told me that Bride said she was feeling dizzy and 'taking an extended lunch until she felt better.' Oh FFS! Quarter to six rolls around, and I told Dixie she needed to call up front for another cashier if Bride wasn't coming back, because I can't stay. I won't. Six is here, I have no more customers at the counter, and I go back behind the counter to ask Raj, a pharmacist, if I could go home, because she STILL wasn't back. I told him I really, really did hate to leave them short, but that I wasn't going to cover for her anymore, and he agreed. "No, I mean, it's up to you if you want to stay, but if you want to go, then go on. This is ridiculous." He agrees with me that if I continue to just roll over and cover every time she pulls shit like this that she'll keep doing it, and the manager will just grow dependent on me to do it, too. She needs to get her ducks in a row and do her damn job like the rest of us, or quit/take LOA so we can hire another cashier to replace her. And as I thought, she's gotten even worse since she found out she was pregnant. 

Listen to this, I mean really. She is:

Very overweight
Has ovarian cysts
A bad back
High blood pressure

^Getting preggers when you have ALL THAT going on with your body is a genuinely stupid thing to do, I'm sorry! It's a hot issue for me when people have problems like that, or there is a good chance they'll pass on a disease/health issue to their child and they go and get pregnant anyways because "I want a bayyybeee!" To me, it's one of the most singularly selfish acts a person can commit. 

That being said, pregnancy is a voluntary condition, especially in this case. This baby was not an accident in any way, shape, or form. So I don't want to be covering while you are dizzy in the breakroom, because you admittedly haven't checked your blood sugar in a WEEK, went to the ER yet again, or are 'just too tired to come to work today'. Not a damn word. If it's that bad, you need to give up your job so someone who really wants it and will show up on time and not inconvenience everyone else can have it. And there are at least two girls on the front end who we recently trained as backup and would LOVE to come back and join us full time. 

And on top of all this, she has the gall to go on Facebook and post how she's sick of 'doing work not in her job code and not getting the pay or opportunities she deserves.' Oh my freaking giddy god! Everyone else shows up on time. Even the two older techs with knee problems; I have seen them literally limp into work and hobble around all day, but dammit, they kept the numbers down. I've known Raj to put in almost a full month's work without a day off. I often come in with my wrist and arm giving me complete hell to where I can barely work my hand and I'm dropping stuff all over the place. The Cranky Pharmacist™ has shown up to work for nearly a week now with the whole of his lower right leg and foot in a brace because of tendonitis. Oh, and our stand in pharmacist, Sandra . . . well she's four, almost five months pregnant now, and rarely do I hear her complain, the only thing she's done differently is work sitting on a stool instead of standing all day. Mind, she's ripped into the occasional customer more often than normal, but that's always entertaining, so I don't mind it. 

Point being, people have health issues, family issues, people get pregnant. They STILL come to work. 

This was really just a much needed vent, because her not coming back from lunch tonight rubbed me the wrong way for the last time. Dixie kept trying to call her and she wasn't answering, either. We had all hoped she'd stop with this inconsiderate nonsense once the wedding was over, but now it's gonna be baby, baby, baby. Also our manager has spent the majority of the last month at a store two hours away because they're apparently a mess and need him to train the new pharmacy manager there. He's pretty much the golden boy of the district and his nickname is even Superman. Seriously, it is. But we need him here, things are getting ridiculously out of control, especially being short a tech. Oh yeah, Bride has said if she doesn't get that job, she's quitting *rolls eyes*. Please, please do. Raj has said at least three times in the last week "Why not just make Grace technician?" Or "Gah, they should just make Grace tech, she's RIGHT THERE." I'm certainly not qualified, but everyone likes my ethic, apparently. And it's nice to know he thinks that highly of me, funnily enough when I first started back there I got the distinct impression he didn't like me (although I think now it was just because I was new and had no clue what I was doing, it was annnoying), and that I couldn't understand a word he said. But now we get along great and I'm getting really good at understanding heavy Indian accents. I think I am still going to study to get my CPht, even if I don't get a tech job this time around. I sure don't wanna be a cashier forever. 

Ok, if you've made it through this sludge, you deserve something good. Here, have a random Ralph Fiennes! He's my latest thing. Seriously, looking that good and sounding that good should be WRONG! I recently saw Schindler's List for the first time and gained a whole new appreciation for him. Then I felt a little guilty because well, one shouldn't have the hots for Nazis. But I can't help it. 

05 July 2011 @ 08:41 pm
Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them 

Not-uh, buddy, you are NOT gonna do this. Not again. 

Yesterday I had a pretty great day at work, it was short, only 10-6, and I was working with a great group of people that I get along with and like very much. And of course, I was with people, and like I said, I've underestimated human contact and I've gained a new appreciation for it, being alone with 14 animals all week. However, when Dixie and I clocked out for lunch, we were walking towards the front doors to go outside (she smokes), and who should be walking right towards us, but Kenny. 'Oh no', I think to myself, 'Don't wanna talk to him, don't wanna talk to him, go away, go away, please don't notice me!' I tried avoiding eye contact, swerving in the other direction, but the path was crowded and he did see me and was clearly trying to stand in my way. So I did the most logical thing, or at least what would have been logical to a 12 year old, I'm sure: I leaned over and slammed my shoulder into him as hard as I possibly could. Apparently none of the hurt, anger and malice I tried putting into the gesture came across very well, because he seemed to think it was really funny. Oh well, it felt good though. And now my shoulder is a little sore. I had to avoid him again when I turned around for the restroom because the front ones were closed. Then when I caught back up with Dixie, I ran to catch up to her and he was coming in the front doors towards us and told me to stop running in the store. Then when we finally got outside to eat our sandwiches (Firehouse Subs, yum!), he was walking to his truck and would insist on waving at us yet again. This was all in the span of about five minutes. You useless self-centered lush, I coulda really used you being around for the past week when I was desperate for human contact, but you had to get sloshed and arrested instead. Which turned out to be good as I cut him off before Mom left and I would have been uncomfortable if he knew I was alone that long, anyways. 

Then today, Mom and I were shopping because the house is void of food except for a few things I like. (Side note: I GOT MOM BACK WOOHOO! Soooo happy.) And there he was again. He never comes from that direction, but there he was, and of course he had to come over and start talking, like he hasn't spent the past three weeks acting like I'm not there when he has every possible option of contacting me (I'm sure he's still got my number floating around somewhere). No, no. Just no. He always does this, always. He does something to make me sad or upset or disgusted with him to the point I want to drop him like a bad habit, and I get used to not having him around, and I get to the point where I'm over him, and then he comes back like nothing happened and I fall for him all over again. Not this time, absolutely not. Although he's making it more difficult if he's going to keep getting in my face like that. But I just have to ignore him and tell myself, quite truthfully, that there is someone better out there for me, who doesn't break the law and swallow half a liquor store every time they have spare time. I'm sure deleting him from FB will be a big help this time, since that's one less way I have to see him, and I can't re-friend him because then he'll realize I deleted him in the first place and that's a conversation I'd rather not have. 

All of my friends and family who know about the situation are relieved that I've given up on him and agree that cutting him off is the best thing for me since he'll either hurt me really bad in some way or I'd end up getting arrested right along with him one of these times. It boils down to I could either keep chasing him like some sad puppy knowing I'm nothing more than a slightly interesting option to him, and lose respect and company of all the people who really do care about me, or I could keep *those* people and let him slip into being nothing more than a sad acquaintance. Yep, I think I'd rather keep the sane people :D 

Dix has been a huge help in all this, at first I wasn't sure telling her all about how I felt about him was a good idea since we're not exactly in middle school here, but it was one of the best things I ever did because now I have another person at work who not only knows me, but got to know him as well and she agrees with me on all counts and has been an incredible source of support through everything and doesn't want to see me with a petty criminal. On a side note though, I really have absolutely no respect for his family. Yes, he's a useless drunk who should really get some help and a hobby and maybe a religion of some kind, too. I'm sure he really wanted to go out and get shit-face sloshed drunk after he got rid of the ankle bracelet, but they were encouraging and enabling him even more, they were always leaving him comments and notes about where they were going to take him or that he should come over because they had drinks waiting for him. Bunch of shitheads. 

Meh. So anyways, I'm pretty happy now except for him trying to weasel his way back into my emotions again ("Oh der, I'm sober now, oh yeah, there's that person who really liked me even though I'm a dickhole! Shoot I better get her back!") I'm incredibly relieved that Mom is home, although I had a slight meltdown this morning because I almost couldn't find the bus station again. Actually I didn't find it, I pulled into it by mistake while trying to find the main road again so I could find a place to pee. Good gravy, but I had to pee so bad by the time I got there that I was literally crying and I couldn't find a place with a restroom. Apparently the Hampton Inns don't think you're worthy of using their toilet unless you're a paying customer. FFS what snobbery, lol. I've never been so happy to see a seedy gas station toilet in all my life. but anywho, no more solo life of animal caretaker, goodness but I was about to crash from exhaustion and frustration this week. Mom saw where Strider's been escaping and fixed it and now with her back, I can go back to having just Dobby in my room at night. Since she's been gone I've had Dobs, Meeko, Annie, and on some nights, Strider, ALL packed into my bedroom that already has very little wiggle room. Yeah, my sleep's not been that great. Annie was the only one I'd let sleep in the bed because she looks at me with that patehtic, bug-eyed, smoosh-nosed, ragdoll little face and I don't have the heart to tell her no, and I don't trust Dobby not to jump down and leave poo or pee on my floor just yet, so he still sleeps in a crate. 

Ok, I'm just rambling now. But hopefully things can go back to normal now and I can keep ignoring this person and have the confidence to put the real me out there and find someone worthy of me, without a myriad of things I'd need to overlook. Kids and a criminal record, for a start. You know what'd be great? If I actually found a geek like me who also doesn't want kids. I know there's one hiding out there somewhere! 

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04 July 2011 @ 12:07 am

 Poor lil' ol' LJ, you've been neglected, haven't you? I sawwy *strokes* 

So other than finding weird X-Men!Barbossa mousepads and chugging green apple malt like there's no tomorrow, life's had its ups and downs for me recently. By the way, I don't really  recommend chugging green apple Smirnoff Ice on an empty stomach. All six. In less than two hours. I didn't feel too horrible in the morning, but I probably looked just a little bit like this:

But it felt good while I was drinking them, lol. Reasoning behind that to be explained soon, I've just had one hell of a week. Easiest way to do this is list style, methinks. 

1. Mom's been away at my sister's in NC since last Sunday, meaning I've been completely by myself, maintaining four acres, feeding/watering all the horses, sheep, dogs, and Mort the cat, and working 32+ hours a weeks. It ain't easy, lemme tell ya that, and I'm not sure how anyone becomes 'the crazy cat/dog lady', to be honest. I love my animals, but having them and only them as company for the past 8 days has been really wearing and kind of gross, somehow. I never realized before how much I appreciate contact with an actual, live human being and I jump at the chance now to go out with people if I have the opportunity. And little things keep going wrong on me. Yesterday Sawyer smashed his water bucket all to bits and I had to makeshift to find another one for him. Strider keeps getting loose and yesterday he decided it'd be fun to break Dobby out of his pen, too. So when I came back from getting hay last night I nearly hit them both with Mom and Dad's ghetto truck. I don't know what I'm gonna do with Strider while I'm at work tomorrow, I really don't. Also, Wednesday the tonneau cover on my truck popped completely up because the latches broke, so I took the ghetto truck to work instead, which was ok. Until I drove it home that night in the dark and rain to discover it's in painful need of wiper blades; I could hardly see! So yeah, little things keep boiling up and yesterday I just about had a meltdown, hence the reason I trucked down to the C-store and bought the alky. I thought it wouldn't affect me that much because I've drank with Dixie at her place before, but then again, she knows I'm not used to alcohol and would pace me by having me drink water or eat lots of biscuits or pizza in between. 6 pack on an empty stomach? Yeah, not so smart, LOL. At least I didn't puke. 
2. Kenny. Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. He's officially been removed from my life, so long as he keeps ignoring me the way he's been for the past three week. The reason he was 'standing me up' and then making lame excuses for not being places? He was on house arrest and too embarrassed to tell me, apparently. He still never told me, but I wasn't born yesterday and I figured it out on my own. He got the anklet off on the 16th and hasn't so much as made eye contact with me since. He never responds to calls or texts, and the whole 'acting like Grace doesn't exist' thing was incredibly hurtful after he's been so attached to me the past year. Then I started seeing FB statuses about how he nearly got arrested and can't wait for his next day off so he can get drunk/be crazy/throw back some cold ones. Oh, and how he's thankful he has friends in the local PD so he didn't go to jail last week. I was willing to overlook so much with him, but I just had to draw the line and I'm frankly pissed off that the stupid 'good ol' boy' cops didn't haul his sorry butt right to jail where he belongs. I'd bet my money he was driving drunk or had an open container, and that pisses me off beyond belief. Sounds like I have a lot of room to talk after the Smirnoff adventure, but I do NOT drink and drive, ever, and I have no respect nor tolerance for people who do. It's going to take a huge shock like him or someone he loves having something horrible happen to them before he straightens out, but I'm not about to get caught up in his shens and possibly end up going to jail myself, or worse. I unfriended him because I don't want to see anymore stupid updates to make me angry, upset or worry, and I deleted his number and pictures from my phone so I won't be tempted to contact him anymore. The way he's been acting out and calling in to work so he can go party all the time, it wouldn't surprise me if he gets shown the door soon. Management has fired a lot of people for absences lately, whether they had good reason for them or not. Either way, he's not my friend anymore, and I guess he never was. The person I was friends with for the past year is gone, and I miss him. But I don't miss the horrible person that's replaced him, and frankly that person scares me. Good riddance. 
3. On a lighter note, I got a new phone! I finally caved and got a Droid X, it's pretty neato frito. I'll never get lost or bored again!
4. Saw the new Pirates way back on opening day. Meh. I mean, it wasn't as horrible as I expected, but it's nothing to the first three, is it? It was just lacking a certain something. I think I may have missed the Pearl most of all. Not to mention I found Blackbeard to be completely unmotivated and pointless. Barbossa and Davy had reasons for behaving like selfish (but lovable, misunderstood) jackasses. This guy? Yeah, he was just an asshole for the sake of being one. And Penelope Cruz's character was just absolutely and unforgivably grating on the nerves, it's like the quintessential Mary Sue was pulled from the pages of fanfiction.net and put right there on the screen to torment us all. I was glad Jack did what he did in the end, what a spoiled harpy. There were times in the first three where Elizabeth got on my nerves, a lot in fact. But by the time I was 1/3 of the way through Stranger Tides, I was missing her horribly. Also with a lot of the supporting cast not returning, their absences were sorely felt as well. Mind, I DID like Jack and Barbossa's chemistry together and the scenes they shared were extremely enjoyable. If only we could have had more of those and less Blackbeard/Angelina. The missionary and mermaid were tolerable, somewhat likable, if altogether unnecessary. But . . . Hector's ending? Fangasm, sorry. That is all, LOL! Rawr but that put a smile on my face. 
Well . . . I think that's all for now. I get Mom back Tuesday morning, OMG. She's been ready to come home for a few days now, but she doesn't get back on the train till tomorrow. I'm gonna be up and at that bus station bright and early, you can count on that! I'll try to update more often, even if it's just silly stuff. I've missed the fangeek/whimsical side of myself and I'm trying to bring that back. 
02 July 2011 @ 11:49 pm
 These . . . these are good. Good gravy, he even influences my alcohol choices XD

I'm very ready for this week to be over though. Mom's been gone since last Sunday and the whole "Oh, I'll have nine days all to myself, it'll be great and awesome and relaxing"  . . . yeah, that's not working out the way I thought it would. Anyone wanna buy some horses? Whew, lol!  Seriously though, we are trying to sell three of them. I just don't have time for them anymore, and Charles has moved out and now lives three hours away, and I hate for Mom to be stuck taking care of them. 
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29 June 2011 @ 10:57 am
 Almost bought this until I realized someone seems to have attached the arm from an X-Men or something to him, haha! WTF. 


It's his leg that needs replacing, folks, not his arm. 

BTW, yesterday I had a marathon and watched all three movies back to back. I'd forgotten just how much I love them! 
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10 May 2011 @ 12:48 am
 I'm looking back at entries I made this time last year. Good gravy but a lot has happened for me, personally. It's kind of sad that I've neglected my blogging since there's not much going on in the angst and twitterpation departments. Anywho, a couple of things . . 

1. Another new family member. Yeah yeah, I know, I know. My friend Christian from the pharmacy took him from a friend of hers who 'found' him and was going to take him to the pound :'(. Chris couldn't keep him because she and her husband already have six dogs and she wanted to get rid of him (so long as he went to a good home, and I came to mind first, apparently, lol) as soon as possible so she wouldn't get too attached to him. So yeah guys, here he is, and I called him Dobby. 

Our best guess is that he's some sort of Rat Terrier and possibly Chihuahua mix, and he doesn't have all of his adult teeth in yet, so he's around 4-7 months old. 

News the second: I'm in love with Nightwish and their music. I prefer the 'old' Nigthwish to the new, though.

News the third: Got my On Stranger Tides tickets, HUZZAH! I'm a dork, we're going all out this time and doing IMAX 3D. Should be fun though. 
You all need to smack me or something for not updating. There's more to my life than guy drama, after all :-P 

05 April 2011 @ 06:26 pm
Possible OST spoilers, I guess. But omg  . . . HIS CLOTHES LOOK! FUCK YES, LOL!

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19 March 2011 @ 07:43 pm
 To start with, I'm still not thrilled with the trailer, or the idea of this movie. I doubt it will be anywhere near as good as the first three and I am very, VERY unhappy about this whole Navy business, as well as what's happened to his leg. But . . . this showed up in my Facebook feed the other day and it made me a little giddy. Don't like the wig and I'm aching for the return of the superfluous feathered hat, but the expression . . . zomg, it still gets me. I <3 you, Hector. And I <3 you, Geoffrey, for making him what he is. 

*click for full size*

There, yay. On a different note . . . Kenny is an asshole and a worthless, unreliable little shit. I invited him to Applebee's Thursday night because a lot of the Pharmacy people were going there and he said he'd come. Twice he said he'd call me and meet me there. 

He stood me up. Again. Just like he did last month when Dixie had a party. No phone calls, doesn't answer calls or texts, either. He just plain doesn't show up. I didn't seek him out yesterday  to see what cock and bull excuse he came up with this time, because I'm tired of them. I'd rather he just turned down our invitations instead of saying yes and then flaking. I just avoided him altogether and Dixie even walked close behind me, instructing me where to direct my eyes so I wouldn't have to talk to him; I'd told her earlier he was the last person I wanted to see or talk to and she took me literally, LOL. She actually thinks I'm under-reacting with him and offered to help me kill or chemically castrate him. In jest, obviously. But she's one of several people who agree with me that it really is time to drop him like a bad habit and find someone better. He can't think of me as that great of a friend if he can't even do me the courtesy of letting me know he won't be somewhere. Part of me wants to sit his ass down and explain to him exactly why he's being dropped and ask what the hell is wrong with him. But mostly, I just want to leave him be. Don't want to see him, be with him, speak with him. Just cut him off and forget everything. If he notices I'm being this way and asks  why, then we'll have that conversation. But until then, I'll give him just as much courtesy as he gave me Thursday, absolutely none. 
Ok, enough of that madness. I recently discovered that there will be a PIRATE  CON in St. Augustine this fall, and I have every intention of planning to go. Never done a con of any kind before, so I'm kind of lost on the whole thing, but I have a few months to figure it out. If anyone is interested in meeting me and probably some of my friends, let me know! Oh yeah . . . and those of you who have been to pirate cons, please teach me everything you know, LOL. 
11 March 2011 @ 09:54 pm
 Kenny's never been shy about the fact that he's a cheap little bastard. And he works for Volde-Mart, so I know he has every reason to be one. 

So why did he pay for lunch today? My birthday was a month ago and he already took me out then, anyways. This . . . this is good, right? He's still a little stiff and nonreciprocal when I touch or hug him, although I notice the more I touch him, the more he tends to want to me around me. I scratch your back and you take me out to lunch? What is this I don't even . . . lol

Okay, enough of that. I'll put the friendly neighborhood produce guy to the back of my mind and let the Marquis keep him out for a while. Ten hour workday tomorrow, time for movie and bed! 

Oh yeah, and more and more of my entries are going to start being Friends Only, so make sure you're logged in. I posted piccies yesterday :)
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